In an emerging industry, finding dependable data to make business and project management decisions can be challenging. That’s why we use empirical data to calculate estimates of capital and operational costs as well as revenue projections. Blue Planet has been collecting data and models for estimating greenhouse and vertical farming project costs for more than three years. As a client of ours, you gain from Blue Planet’s data-driven insights to plan your project, gather funding, and determine feasibility. 

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Sky Vegetables 

Sky Vegetables develops and operates urban hydroponic rooftop farms as part of its mission to grow fresh and local produce sustainably. Sky Vegetables and its produce are pesticide-free. Sky currently operates an ~8,000 sf rooftop farm in the Bronx, twenty minutes from Manhattan. The Bronx farm is situated on top of a LEED Platinum certified building, employs local residents, and already has distribution to many local and national supermarkets. The Bronx greenhouse has been operated by Blue Planet Consulting since 2016. 


Stonebridge Farm

The farm operates 3 hydroponic greenhouses totaling approximately 15,000 square feet, and a micro greens growing room measuring just over 1400 square feet. The emphasis of the greenhouses is on beefsteak and plum tomatoes. Produce is grown year round and sold through various wholesale and retail outlets. The farm will supply a NYC restaurant scheduled to open this coming Summer, with tomatoes and micro greens. The restaurant will focus on pizza, soups and salads, promoting the increasingly popular farm to table concept.


Brooklyn Storefront

Blue Planet Consulting's main office is located in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The office has several hydroponic systems with which we test nutrients, plumbing designs, and crops. The office is also the location of our demonstration +FARM which is in constant development and open to user testing from passerby. You are welcome to come by, meet with us, taste some hydroponically grown produce, and discuss urban agriculture. Click below for directions to our Brooklyn office - we would love to show you around!