Founded in 2014, Blue Planet Consulting provides advisory services to public and private institutions in the design, planning, implementation and operation of urban agriculture projects. We offer our clients the tools, data, ideas, network and expertise needed to ensure their success. We consult globally and are based in Brooklyn, NYC.

Blue Planet’s expertise is in controlled environment agriculture (CEA), a rapidly developing technology and industry that is rapidly gaining traction and predicted to be valued at $9 billion. Our project experience includes hydroponic greenhouses, vertical farms, and sustainability learning labs.


It takes more than one solution to achieve sustainability. Each of our brands work together to contribute towards our mission and vision. 


Our mission is to empower impact-driven entrepreneurs to develop feasible urban farming operations, turning their ideas into practical and sustainable realities.


We envision a world where commercial urban agriculture is economically feasible and reduces the carbon impact of the food system and also improves food security. A world where urban agriculture increases public access to healthy food. Now and in the future, Blue Planet Consulting’s vision is to serve as a trusted team who connect the dots between urban and conventional agriculture, develop a more integrated food system, and serve as a knowledge database to help our clients do well by doing good. 


Collaboration, Responsibility (to our clients, each other, and the planet), Growth, Agility, Influence, Sustainability, Creativity, Determination, Openness, Logic